Report: State Representative Don Shooter Created Hostile Working Environment

A law firm's investigation has found "credible evidence" that Representative Don Shooter created a hostile working environment at the Arizona Legislature.

Shooter will be permanently removed from all of his committee assignments as a result. The House of Representatives will vote on whether to censure Shooter at a later date.

Shooter's behavior was the subject of an investigation by the Arizona Capitol Times, which found that he repeatedly made sexual comments to female legislators and lobbyists.

The report bears that out: Shooter's colleagues describe him as a "pervy old man," "a character," "flirtatious," and "the class clown," and point out that he was known for making off-color comments.

Among the highlights (make that lowlights) of the report:

• When Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita mentioned breastfeeding her baby, Shooter allegedly responded, "That's one lucky baby. I wish I was that baby." Shooter said he had no memory of the comment.

• Amy Love, deputy director of government affairs for the Arizona Supreme Court, said that Shooter grabbed and shook his crotch in front of her after telling her that he was "a sucker for the pretty ladies." The report notes that when Shooter was asked about the incident, he "stated that he did not remember the incident in question, noted that it could have happened, but probably did not happen, because 'Amy Love's not that cute.'"

• Shooter allegedly told Adam Stevens, a Republican candidate, that he would take Representative Darin Mitchell into a bathroom and "ass fuck him" while his wife watched, and then Mitchell would love Shooter and would vote for him. Shooter said he did not recall the incident.

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