'Go F*3CK Yourself' Masturbation Workshop at ASU Canceled After Media Attention

Better find a Valentine.

Arizona State University's Undergraduate Student Government has canceled its upcoming "Go Love Yourself" masturbation workshop.

Critical attention by right-wing news sites in the last couple of days seems to be responsible for the demise of the February 13 educational event, which had originally been titled "Go F<3CK Yourself."

The workshop, which was to take place from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Memorial Union's Cochise Room, may be replaced with "other health-related educational programs," ASU tells Phoenix New Times.

A man who answered the phone at USG's office on Thursday referred the call to ASU's media relations department, which then released a statement confirming the event was to take place, but offering no specific reason for its cancellation:

"Earlier this month, a few members of the undergraduate student government at ASU became interested in hosting on campus a speaker on the topic of sexuality," said the statement released by ASU spokeswoman Nikai Salcido. "The event was tentatively scheduled but the students have since decided to cancel the event. The students are looking at options for scheduling other health-related educational programs. Students are, of course, welcome to invite speakers to campus. And they do, on a wide range of topics and issues. The university supports their right to do so.”

News about the ASU event appears to have been first reported by Amy Morgan of; the article contains a photo of the purported original flier that links the event to, a sex-education website.

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A screen shot of the original flier for a February 13 masturbation workshop hosted by ASU's Undergraduate Student Government that has since been canceled.
"Masturbation can be a great way to explore your body and better understand yourself," the flier said, adding, "Don't miss out on the FREE SEX TOYS giveaways!"

A cached version of USG's event posting on Facebook remains extant: "Getting in touch with yourself by touching yourself. Join pleasure professional Natalie Treacy for a shame-free, pleasure focused discussion about masturbation and self exploration to get the pleasure you want and deserve."

Whether Treacy would have appeared in person isn't clear. She's scheduled for a live-stream erotica reading later today called "Sexy Story Time,"'s calendar site shows. Treacy's qualifications as a sex expert can be seen in a January 17 article she penned, "A letter to my lover's hands."

"The sound of your firm hands hitting the soft skin of my ass does something to me," Treacy wrote. "It excites me. Who would’ve thought someone’s form of pain could be someone else’s form of pleasure. My form of pleasure."

Last year, USG hired its first "director of sexual wellbeing," who was tasked with focusing "on issues of intimacy." The group, which advocates for various issues and represents ASU students, has a goal of changing "the climate around healthy sexuality. By bridging the gap between sexual assault and other topics such as gender identity, birth control, or STI prevention and testing, we have the power to positively affect intimacy on our campus."

How the "Go F<3CK Yourself" workshop's cancellation will impact ASU students is unknown.

As the song says, "When masturbation's lost its fun, you're f<3cking lonely."