How Large Is Sebastian Gorka’s Head? Pretty Large, It Turns Out

Sebastian Gorka campaigns for Kelli Ward in Phoenix.
Antonia Farzan
Sebastian Gorka campaigns for Kelli Ward in Phoenix.
When Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump adviser and notoriously terrible parallel parker, came to Arizona to stump for Kelli Ward, one reader wanted to know: What size hat does he wear?

Gorka’s hat size has long been a subject of speculation because he has an extremely large head, as these (presumably undoctored) images demonstrate:

Up until now, however, there were no relevant results for Google search terms such as “sebastian gorka head size” and “how large is sebastian gorka’s head.” Shockingly, no national publication with a dedicated Washington correspondent has sought to find the answer to this pressing question.

The mystery has now been solved: Gorka wears a size eight hat, he told us at a press availability before the rally on Thursday. “Are you really going to cover my hat size?” he asked.

According to the retailer Lids, a size eight is the largest size available. It is recommended for individuals whose head circumference measures 25 inches.

Wearing a size eight means that you will not be able to fit into hats labeled "One Size Fits Most," and will likely need to your purchase baseball caps from a specialty store instead.

How rare is it to have a head as large as Sebastian Gorka's? The U.S. Army, weirdly enough, studies these things.

According to their 2012 survey, men with a head circumference of 24.21 inches rank in the 99th percentile for head size. Gorka's head is even larger than that, so we can conclude that he has a larger head than 99 percent of the population.