Arpaio Tweet of the Day: Mexican Cartel Has Put a Hit Out on Me

Former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio's U.S. Senate campaign has blocked Phoenix New Times from following him on Twitter. He's not alone. So has Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and former Pinal County sheriff Paul Babeu.

But we will use all of our investigative powers to keep you informed on what Arpaio is tweeting about (it's pretty easy; we have other accounts) during the campaign. (Technology note: We doubt Sheriff Joe is tweeting himself since last we met him, he was using a flip phone and didn't have a computer in his office. He's no Donald Trump, after all.)

One of the Arpaio social media team's tweets today, July 19, which also included a video, was among the most bizarre so far, claiming that the Mexican cartel has a hit out on him.

The tweet said his campaign had arranged for a security detail to take him "into Mexico to meet with officials; however, security personnel was alerted that if we entered with Arpaio, we wouldn't be walking out. Cartel and local Mexico police sent out contract hits on Joe Arpaio. Arpaio's objective was a "good faith & will" attempt to begin rebuilding relationships. Arpaio is adamant to open a U.S. Senate office at the U.S./Mexico border at Nogales."

Were those the "relationships" he tore down with his racist policies as sheriff? Just asking.

The tweet also linked to a Facebook video (maybe we'll see him on Snapchat soon) with Arpaio explaining that he wanted to "to Mexico to coordinate ... and see what I could do to get both sides together." He cited his experience as a federal drug agent as a key ingredient to the reconciliation of the two countries. He was accompanied by his security detail, which was apparently one rather large man in a white T-shirt whose head kept getting cut off by the camera.

We're sure the campaign will get the hang of this social media thing before long.