David Stringer Stripped of Two More Committee Roles After Racist Comments

David Stringer (center) faces more consequences at his legislature job following his most recent racist statements.
Antonia Farzan
David Stringer (center) faces more consequences at his legislature job following his most recent racist statements.
State Representative David Stringer is facing more consequences for racist statements he made to Arizona State University students in November.

Speaker-elect Rusty Bowers stripped Stringer of his vice chairmanship position on the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, as well as his seat on the House Education Committee, according to a press release sent to reporters on Tuesday afternoon. The Prescott Republican will continue to serve on the House Government Committee.

The moves significantly diminish Stringer's influence as a state lawmaker, removing him from two gatekeeping roles for bills moving through the legislature.

Bowers' announcement comes five days after Phoenix New Times published audio of Stringer telling ASU students that African-Americans "don't blend in," among other comments expressing his opposition to immigration and multiculturalism.

Bowers had already forced Stringer to resign as chair of the House Sentencing and Recidivism Reform Committee on Friday. The Speaker-elect on Tuesday announced that he is dissolving the committee, which focused on criminal justice reform, and transferring its duties to the House Judiciary Committee.

The latest move by Bowers came just hours after the Prescott City Council voted 6-1 to call on Stringer to resign from the legislature.

Stringer has faced a drumbeat of demands for his resignation since New Times published the audio of his remarks on Friday. Besides the Prescott council, Governor Doug Ducey, State GOP Chair Jonathan Lines, and at least three Democratic lawmakers have all called on Stringer to step down.

This week marks the second wave of condemnations against Stringer for expressing racist and anti-immigrant views. He first faced calls for his resignation in June after a video of him surfaced lamenting that there "aren't enough white kids to go around" in Arizona public schools.

In spite of heavy criticism for the video, Stringer won 67,023 votes in November's election for one of the district's two seats.

Republican Representative-elect Walter Blackman will replace Stringer as Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and Representative-elect Leo Biasiucci will replace Stringer on the House Education Committee.

Stringer could not be reached for comment.