Gatecreeper Want to Give You 'Anxiety' With Their New Single

Though it seems like a certain Arizona hip-hop group has been getting all the attention in the national press lately, our metal scene has been gaining notoriety as well. The past year saw Phoenix's own Holy Fawn gain plenty of attention for their album Death Spells.

Now, Gatecreeper is getting ready to step into the spotlight with a song on Adult Swim Singles. Their new track "Anxiety," a barrage of death metal fury, was just released by the alt-facing TV network's weekly music program.

In a press release, vocalist Chase Mason mentions how preparations for the band's next record, the follow-up to their 2016 album Sonoran Deprivation, influenced the track.

“Musically, this song is a little more adventurous than a normal Gatecreeper song,” says Mason. “This was the last song that I had to finish lyrics for so I ended up writing it about all the stress and mental torment I had put myself through while working on the whole project. It's oddly fitting that this is the first song to be heard from what we have been working on.”

Gatecreeper aren't the first Arizona band to feature on Adult Swim Singles. Celebrated Phoenix noise rock band Destruction Unit participated in the program way back in 2014, and released a free album with Adult Swim, Negative Feedback Resistor, back in 2015.