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Downtown Tempe's Pedal Haus Brewery Is Expanding … Again

Pedal Haus Brewing Company
Pedal Haus is adding vegan and gluten-free menu items, including the prosciutto and goat cheese pizza.
It was recently announced Pedal Haus Brewery in downtown Tempe is expanding. Fresh off double wins from the Los Angeles International Beer Competition and North American Beer Awards, Pedal Haus is stretching out both within its on-site brewing facility and on its dining menu.

The Tempe brewery is adding three 30-barrel fermentation tanks to its operations, and reallocating some space so there will be more room for meetings and private parties. The remodel will result in a 600-square-foot, 40-seat private dining area, complete with AV capabilities and soundproof features. That’s in addition to the 6,000-square-foot outdoor beer garden and dog-friendly patio already ejecting from the side of the building.

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One of the many brews on tap at Pedal Haus in Tempe.
Chris Malloy
Speaking of, that patio was an addition made to the structure also housing AMC Centerpoint 11 for the opening of Pedal Haus in 2015. The addition caused something of an extra-congested spot at the meeting of Seventh Street and Maple Avenue. Therefore, frequenters of that area will be happy to know Pedal Haus is not expanding outward.

This is the second time the brewery has gone through an expansion process. Pedal Haus closed in summer 2016 for remodeling, but this time it will remain open during the construction happening both inside and along Mill Avenue.

As for the menu, there will be some new additions there as well. More than 18 vegan and 16 gluten-free options will be available at Pedal Haus, including a plant-based green chile burger, dairy-free pizzas, gluten-free smoked salmon, and gluten-free beers like the American Light Lager. There will also be a gluten-reduced Oktoberfest beer available come September.

“Unveiling this new update is going to elevate our game for Pedal Haus and welcome more business professionals, food-conscious guests, and events — the perfect crowd for downtown Tempe,” Julian Wright, CEO and founder of Pedal Haus Brewery, said in a press release. “Guests with dietary restrictions will no longer have to alter meals or hunt and peck for menu items to accommodate their dietary restrictions at Pedal Haus.”

For more information, see the Pedal Haus Brewery website.