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Updated: Quartiere in Tempe Is Closing After This Friday, October 4

Erick Geryol
Quartiere is closing this Friday.
It was announced today that Quartiere, the Italian restaurant located at the southwest corner of Mill Avenue and Alameda Drive in Tempe, is closing at 11 p.m. this Friday, October 4. Quartiere, Italian for “district” or “neighborhood,” serves traditional Italian food, and is overseen by Erick and Rochelle Geryol. The eatery is part of the restaurant family behind Boulders on Broadway, Boulders on Southern, and Spokes on Southern.

"We have wrestled with the decision and though it saddens us, we know it is the best decision for our family and companies as a whole," it reads on the Quartiere website. "We have sold our property at 2700 S Mill Avenue, but who we are will live on at our other concepts."

Part-owner Rochelle Geryol confirms this via phone.

The Geryols owned the land and have recently sold it. “We have always loved this location,” Geryol says. She attributes the closure to increased costs, including the cost of goods and a rising minimum wages. She says Quartiere just became more expensive to operate. Plus, there’s a lot of surrounding competition in that part of Tempe.

Quartiere’s employees were offered positions at the remaining three restaurants — both Boulders spots and Spokes. “We’re keeping the Q employees in the family,” Geryol says. “It’s sad for all of us, our team here. We are a family, and we have a great culture here at Q, but we’re still part of the big picture.”

However, Quartiere’s closure has been given a positive spin. Geryol explains how efforts will be redirected toward the current businesses. “For us, restauranting is about community and the people,” she says, “We are present in our locations.” This way, she says the other three restaurants will able to operate at the highest quality.

As of now, Geryol does not know what will become of the structure or land. She says the building has only been a restaurant, and from what she understands it may become another eatery, but she can't be sure.

After October 4, part of the Quartiere team and menu will live on via catering services.

Guests are still welcome to head in till closing day for pastas like pappardelle and ravioli, as well as the craft cocktails. And that cozy front patio is all too inviting when the weather is right, which happens to be the case this week.

As many know, the space was once home to neighborhood standby Riazzi's Italian Garden, the third and final destination of the Italian eatery. Riazzi's occupied the stand-alone eatery till its closing 2017.

For more information, visit the Quartiere website.

Editor’s note: This article was updated from its original version.