Check Out 20 of the Best Arts-Related Instagram Accounts From Phoenix

Daniel Funkhouser showing off some new techinques.
Michelle Sasonov
Daniel Funkhouser showing off some new techinques.
Local art doesn't just happen on First Friday on Roosevelt Row. It happens everywhere, even on Instagram.

If you want to discover some of the best galleries, artists, comedians, and other creative endeavors, we've compiled some of the best Instagram accounts in Phoenix to help you find inspiration (in no particular order).

Ashley Macias

You've likely seen Macias' visionary work on the first letter A on the ARIZONA mural on The Rebel Lounge or the wall of the Cambria Downtown Phoenix hotel. If you want to see more, then scroll on her feed.

Ben Willis

The geometric designs and colors that make Willis' work so distinctive will pop out from your phone's screen.

Cobra Flute Projects

You can check out the unique exhibitions inside the Grand Avenue gallery, which are curated by Amanda Adkins and Bill Dambrova on its feed, but you should check out the venue IRL when you can.


Dark, fun, kitschy, and definitely NSFW, painter Scott Wolf shows off his playful work on his feed.

Daniel Funkhouser

Chances are you've seen Funkhouser's colorful work playing with the light inside downtown's Burton Barr Library, but he also has a knack with neon. Don't adjust your settings when you check out his feed.

Damian Jim

Damian Jim is a Diné artist who frequently posts the surreal and space-age digital art on his feed. The indigenous artist's work has also been seen at Coachella and Times Square in New York City.

Emily Costello

Emily Costello's mixed-media work is inspired by her Mexican background. She made headlines last year with her designs for the Arizona Lottery, but the award-winning self-taught artist uses her talent to build the community.

James Angel

Do you want to look into the future? James Angel doesn't have a time machine, but his projects don't look like they came from this century.

Kelsey Dake Rushing

If you're a dog person, then you need to follow this illustrator's feed, which features detailed renditions of cute canines. You can also see Rushing's other work, which has been featured in Men's Health and The New York Times.

Lalo Cota

Have you seen the new Los Suns mural on Second and Roosevelt streets? It came from the mind of Lalo Cota. If you're interested in his other works, check out his feed.

Luster Kaboom

Luster Kaboom (a.k.a. David Quan), the man behind the famous "Nerd Monster" mural that graces the Trunk Space, posts comics, drawings, and other pieces of art on his feed.

Nyla Lee

Nyla Lee's murals are popping up all over Phoenix. If you're interested in finding out what inspires her, check out her Insta feed. She's always sharing what gets her juices flowing with her followers.

Tato Caraveo

While we're on the subject of murals, Tato Caraveo's collaborations with Lalo Cota are featured on the artist's feed, in addition to his work on The Theodore.

William LeGoullon

This local photographer and Grey Shed Studio's founder's feed is filled with striking images of our encroachment on nature as well as stunning landscapes.

Chris Revelle

American history is filled with stories of brave leaders who were fundamentally flawed. Revelle captures these faults visually with his artwork.

Peter Lawrence

Lawrence is a medical illustrator at Barrow Neurological Institute, but his non-clinical work is much more emotional. His feed offers a glimpse into a creative but unusual profession.

Orlando Pelagio

When scrolling through Pelagio's feed, you can't help but think you're looking through the portfolio of a West Coast fashion photographer. His distinctive style shines through in every shot.

Kayla Newnam

If Newnam's Not Another Bird Mural in Phoenix, the multicolored peacock located at the parking structure on First and Roosevelt streets, has piqued your interest in the muralist, you can more of her eye-catching work on her Instagram feed.

Shanice Malakai

This local filmmaker and founder of the nonprofit Made In Her Image was selected by screenwriter and producer Lena Waithe for the AT&T Hello Lab Mentorship Program. Check out her feed here.

Phoenix New Times

We're not above a little self-promotion. Seriously, our Instagram stories highlight our great music and arts coverage. We're worth a look.