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Find 'Life's Little Luxuries' at This 2020 Gilbert Convenience Store

Air Guitar
Craig and Kris DeMarco of Upward Projects and Eric and Elissa Seitz of Bro Retail Group are opening an elevated convenience store.
Does Phoenix have good convenience stores? One (of many) common gripes visitors have about the Valley is its lack of fully realized grab-and-go corner shops. While a few come to mind (shout out to Nick’s, a.k.a. The Corner Deli, a.k.a. the Shell station at Seventh Street and Maryland Avenue), another bodega-style store is on the way. Air Guitar will be opening next to Gilbert’s in-progress Epicenter at Agritopia in late 2020.

Upon completion, Air Guitar promises is health-conscious grab-and-go items, quality coffee and tea, premium beer and wine, and more. The incredibly with-it convenience store will be set at the northwest corner of Higley and Ray roads. While more details are still to come, we do know the shop is designed by Phoenix’s Debartolo Architects, who also designed the neighboring Barnone at Agritopia, and developed by Johnston Companies.

Air Guitar was initiated by two couples. One is Craig and Kris DeMarco, the restaurateurs and co-founders of Upward Projects, which oversees Postino, Windsor, Churn, Federal Pizza, and Joyride Taco House. The other is Eric and Elissa Seitz — “retail store gurus” of Bro Retail Group.

For more information, or to get up with construction, see the Air Guitar Instagram account.