Okilly Dokilly Release a New Single, Hit the Road in April

Ris Marek
Head Ned, lead vocalist of Okilly Dokilly.
The Neds are at it again.

"Nedal" pioneers Okilly Dokilly have released a new single titled "Slaughterhouse." And if that wasn't enough to get excited about, the band are hitting the road this spring for the When the Comet Gets Here Tour. The first show kicks off in Phoenix on Friday, April 3, at The Rebel Lounge. Audrey Heartburn, Snailmate, and Doms open.

“We're exci-diddly-ited to announce the When the Comet Gets Here Tour," Head Ned said in a statement. "The apocalypse may be looming over us, like a drooling Homer over a box of doughnuts, but that's no reason to lose all hope. Some hope, but not all hope. So grab your green sweater and what remaining hope you have left and come rage with us Neds. End times are always better as Ned times.”

For those unfamiliar with the locally based quintet, they went viral in 2015 after posting four of their demos on Bandcamp, and over the last few years, they've toured with fellow parody metal bands such as Mac Sabbath and Metalachi.

Things took a turn for the awesome when the video for "White Wine Spritzer," a tribute to the drink of choice for Ned Flanders, the left-handed, Christian next-door neighbor of the dysfunctional Simpson family, played during the end credits of the long-running FOX sitcom The Simpsons in April 2019.

Their second album, titled Howdilly Twodilly, was also released last year. "Slaughterhouse" is the first new music since its release, and in typical Okilly Dokilly fashion, the lyrics are made up of direct quotes from Flanders.

“'Slaughterhouse' was a song we recorded during the Howdilly Twodilly sessions. It never made the record because of a grievous error. I recorded the quote wrong,” says Head Ned.

Enjoy the single below, and get your tickets to the show here.

Disclosure: Head Ned was employed at
Phoenix New Times through 2017. Dread Ned has occasionally contributed to New Times.