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This Weekend: The $5 Bean and Cheese Burrito Food Bank Fundraiser

Walk, bike, or drive away with one of these babies on Saturday.
Crescent Ballroom
Walk, bike, or drive away with one of these babies on Saturday.
Hit the ATM, then get ready to hit one of your favorite downtown music venues slash Mexican restaurants slash party patio. No, Crescent Ballroom and Cocina 10, the kitchen within, are not officially reopening, but the team here is holding a grab-and-go burrito sale to raise funds for St. Mary's Food Bank this Saturday.

Here’s how it’ll go down.

click to enlarge For $5, you get all this. - CRESCENT BALLROOM
For $5, you get all this.
Crescent Ballroom
From 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 30, Crescent Ballroom is hosting the $5 Bean and Cheese Burrito Food Bank Fundraiser. Cocina 10 will be selling its bean and cheese burritos (complete with the signature Mr. Bean sticker —COVID-19 edition) and chips with tomatillo and/or chili de arbol salsa for $5 cash. Customers may walk, bike, or drive up for curbside pickup and hand over physical money for whatever quantity of burritos and chips they desire.

The Crescent Ballroom team is making just 500 burritos this Saturday, but 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the food bank.

“There are a lot of great nonprofits doing really good things for Phoenix right now. Our team wants to support them, and I know a lot of people in our community want to help any way they can, too,” says Crescent Ballroom owner Charlie Levy in an email. “We hope to sell 500 burritos and hand $2,500 to St. Mary's Food Bank on Monday.”

And for a little atmosphere, the Hi-Dreams DJ Collective will be providing some background music while you wait at a safe distance for your takeout.

Similar events may be on the way. Levy says if this goes well, the Crescent Ballroom and Cocina 10 teams may try a burrito sale every Saturday for the next few weeks — donating to different nonprofit organizations.

"I remember growing up in Louisiana and going to these pancake breakfast fundraisers with my family all the time," Levy says. "It's like that but with burritos — AZ style."

For more information or to invite friends, see the $5 Bean & Cheese Burrito Food Bank Fundraiser Facebook event.