More Thoughts on the Medical vs. Recreational Divide in Arizona

Jacob Tyler Dunn
One of Territory's newest locations just opened up in Mesa.

Our Tuesday story about medical marijuana patients not feeling the love from local dispensaries post-legalization stirred a lively debate over on Facebook.

Lots of grumbling about higher prices, increased wait times, product shortages, and a general lack of attention paid to MMJ patients — all of which we covered in the piece. But there were some new perspectives on the issue that didn't make it into the story as well. Here are some highlights.

Ryan says: "It takes over an hour now for what used to be a 15 min errand so that every pajama-wearing stoner in AZ can get their fix."

Mike adds: "Long lines, lack of flower, and increased prices ... I'm all for it being legal but the dispensaries are showing that it was never about helping people..."

Mechille responds: "Quite a few vendors have increased their wholesale prices due to the new testing regulations forcing dispensaries to meet their margins. Thankfully my company hasn't increased in prices. Couple that with AZDHS not knowing what the heck they want to's been a total zoo for AZ's cannabis industry."

Woody agrees: "Testing and labeling requirements cost extra. It's passed on."

Dave says: "There is a rush of recreational customers right now because it just became legal. It should level out in a month or 2 once the 'novelty' wears off."

Donald agrees: "Once dispensaries are plentiful as Starbucks, and it will happen, things will be less nuts and much better pricing. I’ve lived in two rec states, so this is not just my opinion."

Cesar has a tip: "I have a buddy who is a cardholder and says at the dispensary he goes to, even if there is a line, he can cut everyone ... Just confirmed with him, he goes to Valley of The Sun Dispensary out in Goodyear just in case you want to know."

Parker also has a tip for those who don't want to fight off rec customers: "TruMed is only medical on 56th Street and McDowell."

Danielle has a prediction and some perhaps not-entirely legal advice: "Pretty soon it will be like Oregon where there was a literal surplus of weed and grams were $5. This was pre-pandemic, and I heard business was booming for them during lockdown. It takes time to make this all work. For now, just keep your dealer on speed dial."

William doesn't see what the fuss is all about: "Don't know why people are bitching about recreational, it's gonna help our state like it did Colorado and most other states. People don't realize when you got your medical cards you're not paying this 16 percent tax increase on top of a sales tax."

Finally, Sean has some sage advice for the operators: "If there are dispensaries listening...anyone who really went out of their way to address these issues would probably find themselves some devoted customers. Just sayin'."