Phoenix Porch Music Venue 528 Live Is Moving to a New Address

Look for 528 Live's outdoor concerts in a new spot soon.
528 Live
Look for 528 Live's outdoor concerts in a new spot soon.

The name of central Phoenix music venue 528 Live is based on the address of the house where porch concerts take place: 528 West Granada Road.

Now, the name is staying the same, but the location is changing.

528 Live's owners, Alison Daniels and Nick Harper, announced on the venue's Facebook page this afternoon that they are moving to a new home in the same neighborhood.

The new address of the venue will be 541 West Palm Lane.

Daniels tells Phoenix New Times the couple love the Willo neighborhood and wanted to stay there; their new home is just one street over, and is bigger with more updates.

click to enlarge Nick Harper and Alison Daniels - ALISON DANIELS
Nick Harper and Alison Daniels
Alison Daniels
However, the new home doesn't have a porch, so while Daniels and Harper are building a stage and putting up lights in their new driveway, 528 Live will have a temporary home.

For the last three Saturdays in March, 528 Live shows will be held just across the street, at 537 West Granada Road.

A neighbor offered to host the shows while the couple were getting the new performance space ready, Daniels says. She thinks the transition will help audiences adjust to the new location.

"It won't be so shocking," she says. "If people are walking down Grenada, they’ll see it’s just across the street."

The three shows that will be at 537 West Granada are Palo Brea on March 13, Nolaz Band on March 20 (with gumbo and jambalaya for sale), and Vinyl Station on March 27.

Shows will begin at the Palm Lane location the first weekend of April. As always, attendees should bring their own chair or blanket to sit on, and though the concerts are free, it's good manners to put some money in the virtual tip jar for the artists.

Keep up with the latest on 528 Live on the venue's Facebook and Instagram pages.