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The Stak-able Era in the East Valley Has Come to an End

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In 2016, Colton Grubb opened a fast-casual restaurant in downtown Gilbert based on his love of the "stak" ā€” a method of eating he enjoys that involves, essentially, piling a bunch of types of food on top of each other in a large bowl.

It was called Grubstak, and it served staks. "Chef-designed Signature Staks start with a base of 50/50 regular and sweet potato waffle fries, greens, or quinoa, and are finished with a variety of braised meats, slow-roasted root vegetables, house-made sauces, and other toppings," we reported upon the restaurant's opening.

The Sweet Lou's BBQ, the restaurant's most popular dish, would go on to be featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Eventually, the Gilbert location closed, but by then Grubb ā€” grandson of the well-known local auto dealer Lou Grubbs ā€” had opened another Grubstak in Chandler. This past Sunday, the Chandler location, open at 4165 South Gilbert Road, Ste. 5 since 2018, closed its doors for good, too.

"This end to the Grubstak journey is less than ideal and something Iā€™m still processing," Grubb wrote on Instagram.

He added that the restaurant's final two days in business were "the two biggest sales days since Covid struck and changed everything for the world. Bittersweet to say the least."