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Four Up-and-Coming Bakeries You Shouldn't Miss at Uptown Farmers' Market

The Uptown Farmers' Market is a terrific spot for local bakers to ply their wares. From artisan pastry chefs to bakers who want to incorporate the flavors of home, to one who seeks to eliminate processed products, we tracked down four bakeries at the market that are worth a taste.

Pecan and hazelnut cookies from Italian Harmony. - ITALIAN HARMONY
Pecan and hazelnut cookies from Italian Harmony.
Italian Harmony

Italian Harmony


Italian Harmony is a wife-and-husband bakery; Cristina Di Francesco bakes and Antonio sells. “She starts baking on Friday at 6 a.m. and doesn't get done until midnight,” says Antonio. Popular items are the savory garland, a wreath-shaped bread made of enriched dough stuffed with pesto, ham, and provolone cheese. Another not-to-miss item is their Canestrelli, a jam-filled, flower-shaped cookie, which at first glance reminds one of shortbread, but bite into it and it melts in your mouth. The secret to its marvelous texture is cooked egg yolks in the dough. The eggs enhance the texture while remaining silent in flavor. Meals and cheeses are also available.

Basil garlic babka from Hotko Bread Co. - HOTKO BREAD CO.
Basil garlic babka from Hotko Bread Co.
Hotko Bread Co.

Hotko Bread Co.


Alexhandra Hotko is a one-woman show at Hotko Bread Co. She specializes in Eastern and Central European baked goods, using mostly family recipes. The most popular item is her apple strudel. Other items include orange cardamom rolls and dairy-free basil garlic babka. She has a few vegan items and a few that can be made vegan. Hotko offers delivery in the Phoenix area and shipping nationwide. She recommends pre-ordering for the largest selection. Shipping info is available on her website, or you can pick up items directly from her at the Uptown Farmers’ Market.

Grab-and-go sweets from Jamie's Kitchen. - JAMIE'S KITCHEN
Grab-and-go sweets from Jamie's Kitchen.
Jamie's Kitchen

Jamie's Kitchen


What’s significant about Jamie's Kitchen is that baker Jamie Cunningham mills her own flour. The wheat is non-GMO from Montana. She offers seasonal loaves of bread (Meyer lemon tea bread, pumpkin bread), protein bites, cookies, cupcakes, and a few gluten-free items. All baked goods have no corn syrup. Instead, she uses organic cane sugar or agave nectar. The protein bites are hard to put down.

click to enlarge The pastries at David Jeffries Kitchen are works of art. - DAVID JEFFRIES KITCHEN
The pastries at David Jeffries Kitchen are works of art.
David Jeffries Kitchen

David Jeffries Kitchen


David Jeffries Kitchen is a must-try bakery, even if you are lactose intolerant. A former pastry chef at Atlanta's Four Seasons Hotel, Jeffries returned to Arizona to be closer to family. You can find him and his creations regularly at the Uptown Farmers’ Market. Stop by the stand, and you’re sure to meet a few regulars who visit him weekly for their sweet treats or see a group of starry-eyed first-timers watching in awe as he transforms pastries into mini showcase pieces. A pink sugar lattice, delicate edible flowers, and berries are neatly placed over a berry tart. His partner carefully boxes the final product so it stays safe on the drive home. Aside from pastries, Jeffries also sells a variety of sweet and savory biscottis which have appeared on multiple gift guides.

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