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Local Celebrity Jackson Robert Scott Is the Latest Phoenix Fan Fusion Guest Announcement

Jackson Robert Scott didn't get a lot of screentime in 2017's It, based on Stephen King's horror novel, but he certainly made an impression as Georgie Denbrough, the little boy who (spoiler alert) gets eaten by a clown just a few minutes into the movie.

The 13-year-old actor, who was born and still resides in the Valley, is the latest guest announcement for Phoenix Fan Fusion, the pop culture convention that will be held downtown from May 27 to 29.

Phoenix Fan Fusion hasn't announced when during the weekend Scott will be available for autographs and photo ops, but it'll cost you $40 to get your copy of It signed or to get a selfie with the actor.

Though Georgie Denbrough was the young actor's breakout role, he hasn't stopped working since that big-screen debut. More recently, he's been seen in horror film The Prodigy, Netflix fantasy series Locke & Key, and the WandaVision MCU series on Disney+.

Other guests at this year's Phoenix Fan Fusion include Felicia Day, Christopher Eccleston, Patrick Warburton, and many more.

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2022 is scheduled to take place from Friday, May 27, to Sunday, May 29, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Hours vary. Daily admission is currently $40 to $55 and a full membership is $90.
And for your viewing pleasure, here's a PSA Scott shot for Alamo Drafthouse Theaters back in 2017: