Enjoy a Vegan Treat at these Dairy-Free Ice Cream Destinations

The Screamery

10625 North Tatum Blvd, #136 and 140 North Arizona Avenue, Suite 106, Chandler
602-368-1362 and 480-597-3322
A standout with a funny name and all-over cow motif inside and out, The Screamery has been a local go-to for ice cream since 2014. This family owned shop's offerings are "free of chemicals, stabilizers, dyes, and fillers,” according to manager Raina Alzerete. The two vegan options are the Stranana Sorbet-a strawberry and banana fruit-based flavor and the Fudgsicle which is made with oat milk. There are three locations in Tuscon, one in Phoenix, and one in Chandler. It’s kid-friendly and reasonably priced for a single scoop at $4.

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A chocolate-dipped sprinkle cone with green tea ice cream and a 'surprise' face from Scoop & Joy.
Melissa Parker

Scoop & Joy

10135 East Vía Linda C112, Scottsdale
A modern ice cream shop with many vegan options, Scoop & Joy moved six months ago and is better than ever. Scoop & Joy has all the Dole Whip flavors, without the Disneyland lines, including new pomegranate and watermelon options. Dole Whip is both vegan and gluten-free.

In addition, options for vegans include a whopping 14 flavors of sorbet.  Scoop & Joy is a great place to bring friends or family, as the menu is extremely varied and has something for everyone, including pets. Chill on the dog-friendly patio and order Fido a 'pup cup' to cool off.

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Oat milk-based chocolate and vanilla soft serve at Bristlecone.
Melissa Parker


3301 East Indian School Road
With a logo of a pinecone inside an ice cream cone, Bristlecone has a charming, earthy edge. The fully plant-based soft serve parlor is attached to Beaut Burger, a vegan burger spot founded in Tuscon five years ago. Last February, the owners expanded to Phoenix.

“You can get some soft-serve items in Tuscon, but on a good hot day when you want ice cream and don’t know where to go, you can come in and order all of our options in Phoenix,” front-of-house supervisor Isabel Novotny says.

The shop is minimalist in design, with plants sprinkled throughout, spaced-out seating, lots of parking, and bike racks out front. The waffle cones, which taste similar to a graham cracker crust, are thin but do not crumble with the melting soft serve.

Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and twist — all made with oat-milk bases. The "hack" is to order a sundae in a cone, advises Novotny.

A unique rotating menu item is their astrology-based treats. Currently, the ‘Astral Week Gemini’ menu item is a Moonstone Sundae with swirled soft serve, chocolate sauce, and brownies dipped in white chocolate.

Despite not having a lot of base flavors, the extensive mix-ins menu offers a lot of customization. Waffle cone treats start at $7.

The Yard Milkshake Bar

50 West Jefferson Street
Right next door to comedy destination Stand Up Live in downtown Phoenix, is cute milkshake bar, The Yard. Stop in to try one of the vividly colorful and Instagram-worthy shakes.

Looking at the menu is almost like looking at a lineup of parade floats. The Yard offers vegan flavors chocolate chunk and classic cookie, both made with oat milk. The classic cookie is more popular, according to the staff. It’s super smooth, chocolatey, and sweet. This non-dairy treat does a great job at hiding its plant-based beginnings. One scoop is $4.

For $18, vegans can get a pint in a souvenir glass called ‘not milk’ that is the chocolate chunk base with a cloud of vegan whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and a big ol’ vegan chocolate chip cookie on top.

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A mural decorates the exterior of Nami in Phoenix.
Melissa Parker


2014 North Seventh Street
Known for their ‘tSoynami’ soy ice cream that started the whole concept, Nami is one of the few fully vegan ice cream shops in the Valley.

Just a short drive from the heart of downtown Phoenix, this colorful shop offers an extensive list of fruity, nutty, chocolatey, and espresso-spiked soy treats. There is even a root beer float on the menu to beat the heat.

The specialty Chocolate Monsoon flavor features chocolate chips, vegan chocolate cake, and chocolate sauce mixed in for true chocoholics.  tSoynamis start at $6.