Huss Brewing Co.'s Owners Plan to Revive Papago with a New Mesa Taproom

Original Phoenix craft beer fans will remember Papago Brewing Co., a company that helped inspire the now booming brewery scene in the Valley. Soon, the bygone brewery will be back. Leah and Jeff Huss, who together own Huss Brewing Co., are reviving the influential brewery and opening a new taproom in Mesa.

Before partnering with her husband to open Huss Brewing Co. in Tempe in 2013, Leah Huss was a co-owner at Papago Brewing Co. for 14 years. The brewery in Scottsdale eventually closed, but the Huss' bought the brand in 2016 and continued the name with Papago Orange Blossom, one of the most popular and recognizable craft beers in Arizona. Since then, they have added to the brand, creating Papago Cherry Blossom and a new beer called Papago Blueberry Wheat.

Starting in 2023, the Papago family of beers will once again have a place to call home.

“It’s always been my dream to reintroduce the Papago Brewing experience,” Leah Huss said in a press release. “Not a rehash or a replica of the old taproom, but a brand-new iteration."

The new taproom will have "elements of a traditional European-style beer pub," complete with vintage furnishings, according to the release. It will take over the Brass Tapp, a 2,100-square-foot brewpub located at Mesa Riverview that is set to close on Saturday, November 26.

The new concept's menu will feature 60 beers on tap including all of Papago and Huss Brewing Co.'s brews along with craft beers from around Arizona and beyond. Leah and Jeff Huss also have plans to bring back some of the original Papago Brewing Co. beers including Elsie's Milk Stout and Hopago IPA.

The taproom's menu will also include a selection of pub food items that will be served for lunch and dinner. The new Papago Brewing Co. is set to open on Dobson Road in early 2023.