Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 15, 2009


We really do live in a police state: Another great article by Sarah Fenske. Ah, the tangled webs we weave.

The Don Stapley indictments are finally beginning to make sense, in a nonsensical kind of way. Funny (not really) how everything's about political payback. If Stapley had never shown up in the courtroom that day, he'd be free from the tyranny of Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio, just as his colleagues on the county Board of Supervisors apparently are. Because you know that many of them have failed to list stuff on forms. Hardly a serious matter, unless the Thomas/Arpaio Gestapo says it is. Seig heil!

We really do live in a police state with the two of them in power at the same time. At least when Richard Romley was county attorney, Arpaio didn't have carte blanche.
Steve Paul, Phoenix

Fear of a continued reign of terror: While the rest of the country's moving forward, Arizona's taking 100 steps back.

Though I know it would probably take only one person in a position higher than theirs to take these two clowns [Thomas and Arpaio] to court, I fear no one ever will and that the reign of terror and fascism will only increase.

I once hoped that President-elect Obama and staff might take a serious look at [Arpaio and Thomas], but with all that's going on with the country's financial meltdown, I think it's going to take a long time before anyone does something about these two. It's really a travesty.

Let's face it: While the reality show sucks like a Van Buren hooker, it's going to get Arpaio fans who just don't know the real deal behind him.
David Saint, Phoenix

Where do these guys get off?: How do these two get away with it?! Fenske catches Arpaio doing the same thing as Stapley, and [Arpaio's] the one, along with Thomas, getting the indictments against the supervisor.

And these are felony charges?! Where do these guys get off?! Arpaio's helping Thomas screw over a guy who's been his staunchest ally on the Board of Supervisors. What a place!
J.J. Peters, Phoenix

Doesn't say much for the voters: And to think that the majority of voters approve of these two morons. Sure doesn't say much for the [mental capacity] of Maricopa County residents. Seems Arizona thrives on, respects, and looks up to corrupt politicians. Pretty sad.
Jim Cozzolino, Peoria

Someone step in, please!: My head's exploding after reading Sarah Fenske's article! Why doesn't somebody step in and do something about Thomas and Arpaio? Where's the state Bar?

I saw the old bastard [Arpaio] on Conan O'Brien the other night, and it made me physically ill and embarrassed to be a resident here. Heaven help us!
John Gallegos, Phoenix

Thomas should be punished: Outstanding investigative work. Sarah Fenske and New Times are doing a great public service keeping us informed and connecting the dots of the corruption in Arizona.

Stapley should be given the presumption of innocence until the facts are presented. It looks like you presented the facts on Thomas' lawyer and his connections.

When are we going to see Arizona Bar v. Thomas? Abuse of power by [a county] attorney who has no ethics should be punished. [He's] violating the public trust and exploiting the people.

The policies Thomas has instituted — such as zero tolerance and mandatory sentencing — should be used against him. It's time to save the community from him and the sheriff. They're out of control.
Name withheld

And people think Illinois is corrupt . . .: This is unacceptable and totally inappropriate behavior for a county attorney.

Excerpt from the article: "The same week that sheriff's deputies pulled Stapley's disclosure forms, [Leo] Beus and his partner, Paul Gilbert, threw a fundraiser for Andrew Thomas at Gilbert's home. The people contributing the maximum amount to Thomas' campaign include Beus, Gilbert, a host of lawyers from the firm that handled their case against [Conley] Wolfswinkel, and at least three other investors who were burned by Judge [Edward] Burke's verdict."

And they think Illinois is corrupt? Sarah, keep on digging. You're very courageous and to be commended.
Name withheld

Integrity is a must: Should Andrew Thomas ignore Arpaio's faulty financial disclosures when he's prosecuting Stapley for the same thing? Mr. Thomas doesn't have the integrity required to be our county attorney.

In his office, absolute integrity should, and must, be a requirement. Apparently, all Thomas and Arpaio need to start an investigation is a "tip." Have they gotten a tip on Arpaio's financial disclosures yet? We know that Arpaio doesn't read the papers and believes they should be trashed.

This article and many others demonstrate a lesson to all. If you're crossways with Thomas, you will be investigated and, at best, it will cost you a lot of money.
Name withheld

Will they ever see the light?: Again, the only place you can turn to for the whole story and the truth is New Times.

Thank you for this very informative article. I'm just wondering what it's going to take to get Arpaio and Thomas' followers to see the light?

Certainly figures that a bunch of slimy lawyers would put money in [Thomas'] campaign. Who else?
Name withheld