Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, December 4, 2008


Attacking the juggernaut: Just read your great article ("Nope," Michael Lacey, November 27). I found it telling, interesting, and very well written. So why can't others see the obvious picture here?

The juggernaut of this dynamic duo [Governor Janet Napolitano and Sheriff Joe Arpaio] seems to keep on going. Everyone likes the sounds of John Wayne coming from this camp but fails to see all the negatives. You have guts to tell this story.

I'm sure you just graduated to some secret shit list. I'm glad that the powers that be at New Times are still hanging in there, even though there have been recent attempts at negatively impacting your company and its efforts. Keep up the great work.
Dante O. Fierros, Tempe

Prohibition was not at all like illegal immigration: I'm extremely bothered that you would compare immigration laws and enforcement to Prohibition. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Jan-o, and I think, like you, that she has done a horrible job as governor. Sheriff Joe is not a pleasant man either.

But he's the only person who's done anything to make the people of Arizona safer against crimes by illegals, so I don't feel you can compare him to a villain. I don't agree when he hauls off hard workers while they are on the job, but at least he's trying to respond to Arizona citizens' wishes.

I'm a registered Independent and vote either way based on the issues, but I'm a big supporter of stopping illegal immigration and forming a path to citizenship for all illegals in the States. I think if they work hard, they deserve a shot to be here, but they shouldn't trample the laws of this free nation.

I don't feel that force-feeding your pro-illegal sentiment to readers is responsible for a journalist. I respect your right to free speech, and only offer my opinion as a reader of New Times, but sometimes it seems like New Times is a platform for the pro-illegals agenda.

I've seen too many journalists compromise their integrity by injecting opinions that skew facts. I write this only so that you will consider these issues in the future. I enjoy reading New Times and have read many great articles about the state's current issues in it, whether they're political or not.
Aaron Davis, Phoenix

Next to nothing from Nappy: I couldn't agree more with Michael Lacey about Janet Napolitano. She's a coward who's failed to do much for Arizona. Seems that all she's been taking care of is beefing up her résumé for a federal appointment — and now she's gotten it (pending confirmation).

I'm surprised she didn't just hold out and run for the U.S. Senate against John McCain. He should be easy pickings for somebody like her in the next election, after he was so thoroughly rejected by American voters. Can you say, "Washed up?!"

But even as a Democrat, I've got to say we're better off with McCain than we would've been with Napolitano. Bet she does next to nothing as Homeland Security secretary. She'll probably even agree that Joe Arpaio's sweeps are a good thing.
Michael Rogers, Phoenix

Arizona isn't about change: Michael Lacey's done an outstanding public service in exposing the truth of what's going on in Arizona. Quite simply, Arizona's a mass industrial prison complex, which has overzealous law enforcement with no respect for constitutional rights. Now, it's clearly identified as a mass industrial military complex and mounting war zone.

Arizona officials shouldn't be controlling anything at the federal level when the nation obviously voted for much-needed change, regardless of what political favors are owed. Arizona isn't about change, but more about the McCarthy era that never left. Lacey's article hit the nail on the head.
Name withheld

Progressive? We talking about the same person?: The author and most of the commentators on this article are just a bunch of hillbilly racists who truly care nothing about immigration and border issues in Arizona.

Our governor has done an outstanding job, and I'm thrilled she has been picked by President-elect Obama. Unfortunately, Janet Napolitano was the only thing progressive going for Arizona, and she will be missed. Let's just brace ourselves, meantime, for more oppression and backward thinking.
Name withheld


A sick joke: What a sick joke Joe Arpaio's operation has become, yet he keeps getting re-elected. I wish we could say that this Juan Mendoza Farias case is an isolated example, but we all know it isn't ("The Shocking Details," John Dickerson, November 20).

The bodies keep stacking up; yet still, Joe crows that he will never be told what to do. He says he will continue with his heartless and illegal policies for as long as he's sheriff. He defies anybody to stop him. And, sadly, I wonder if anybody ever will.
Bob Tillman, address withheld

"Turn it around" on the brutalizers: I notice how, very often, cops or other government agents kill without justification, and with malice. Almost never are there any real repercussions.

A former coworker used to say, "Turn it around." In other words, let's look at this from another angle.

My angle is, 200 million people saw cops unmercifully beat Rodney King, who wasn't resisting, and the cops stated that they followed departmental guidelines.

If a group of citizens had taken a cop and beaten him to death in a manner similar to the Juan Mendoza Farias incident, do you think they could get off with saying they followed guidelines? Heads would roll, and I mean everyone's even remotely involved.

You could expect all involved to be executed. Also, justice would be much swifter. There would be no claims of defective cameras, and no redacted records.

I recently watched the Clint Eastwood movie Magnum Force. In one scene, the execution squad cornered Harry in a parking garage. The first comment was, "Do you know how hard it is to prosecute a cop?"

Thanks for the great articles, and keep up the pressure on Joke Arpaio.
Name withheld