Farewell gigs

What is with local DJs blowing this burg after getting some renown? DJs Dirty Dave and Denny Le Nimh (of Hot Pink! fame) both did it, as did Z-Trip and Markus Schulz before them. The latest big fish to ditch our small pond is house mixmaster Joe DiPadova, who used to put on the boffo "StraightNoChaser" and "one" dance throwdowns at Valley clubs. We thought the dude was down with our town in a major way (as evidenced by the "I Phoenix" T-shirt he frequently wears), but apparently, Quebec holds greener pastures, as DiPadova's heading for Montreal to work with house superstar Jojo Flores at the end of the month. He bids adieu to Phoenix (where he'll maintain an apartment and visit occasionally) with one last "one" on Friday, June 27, at Homme, 138 West Camelback Road. This farewell fete will offer plenty of DiPadova's brand of house and global soul, as well spin sessions by Mr. Alex, Jonathan, and other guests. The music starts at 9 p.m. with a $10 cover.

That's not the only big bye-bye happening this weekend, as hipster headquarters Glam, 3174 East Indian School Road, will be closing at the end of the month, due to its property owner choosing not to renew the club's lease. A blowout goodbye party called "The Finale" goes down on Saturday, June 28, starting at 9 p.m. and featuring DJs Kevin the Makeout Bandit, Bigie, Epidemic, and BC/AD.