"Youre Not Invited" at Jugheads

Slithering around and wiggling in shiny shirts to house music is all right, and bouncing up and down in your Sean John gear to remixes of Fat Joe's "Lean Back" isn't a bad way to kill an evening, but sometimes you just need to push the envelope and spazz the fuck out -- lick-on-some-nine-volt-batteries, chew-some-tinfoil, stick-your-fingers-in-the-socket sorta shit.

The dudes behind "You're Not Invited," the industrial and metal Wednesday night at Jugheads (5110 East McDowell Road), are with you. Or not -- as they say in their ads for the night, "Why aren't you invited? Because this shit is too hard for any of you." We'll see about that when DJs Spyder and Young hit the tables this next hump day. Best part is, there's no cover, and Jugheads has 50-cent PBRs all night long. Don't be a pussy; invite yourself.