Vid Kid

Now out on DVD is the entire third season of Fox's brilliant 24, probably one of the best dramas ever made for television.

Much like the first two seasons, this one stars Kiefer Sutherland, and the story in this "season" takes place in a period of 24 hours straight. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, hair on end, and bladder full. It's that kind of television show, and should ONLY be watched on DVD since having to wait week after week (24 weeks in all) to see how the story unfolds just feels like taking too many antidepressants and not being able to achieve an orgasm.

If you have not seen the first two seasons, do not start with this one. Why? First of all, you've got to get to know Sutherland's character, Jack Bauer. If there ever was a modern-day James Bond, this guy is it. His jokes are mean, he kills for what looks like fun, and all the chicks love him. Plus, he knows how to hold a grudge, and gets to use some really neat gadgets Q hasn't even thought of.

Second of all, you've got to know the 24 story line. And it's quite a doozie. Very Hitchcock in terms of plot, and more mind-fucking than The Matrix. Plus, it seems all too real. Like this stuff could actually happen. And, perhaps, really does happen.

Anyway, get this boxed set after you buy the first two seasons if you haven't seen them. I'll go on record here and say it's the best television series I've seen on the public airwaves besides Star Trek: The Next Generation in the last 30 years.

And most of all, it's punk rock. It's all about THE RULES, and how to break them. When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was James Bond. Now that I'm a full functioning adult, I like to think of myself as Jack Bauer. And yeah, I'd kill that bitch Nina in a heartbeat, and no, I wouldn't do my own daughter even if she did play a porn star who moved in next door. Besides The Simpsons, this is probably the best thing Fox has ever done. Oh, besides its fair and balanced news.

Okay, the spin stops here.

Coming soon for the PlayStation 2 is Rise of the Kasai, a sort of sequel/equal of 2002's sleeper The Mark of Kri. The first game had you playing as this native Neanderthal sort of dude, running around in third person, killing the shit out of all these evil bad guys. The second is much of the same, at least from what I've seen from the demo. What makes Rise of the Kasai and The Mark of Kri so unique is not just the beautiful artwork that's as stunning as an old-school Disney cartoon, but the weapons systems, and different types of game play. Never before have I been able to use my joystick in such wonderful ways to project my load in so many directions. At once. It's pure bliss. Plus, the story in The Mark of Kri was nothing short of incredible, so I expect the same for Rise of the Kasai when it hits store shelves next month. But, in the meantime, run out and buy The Mark of Kri if you haven't already. And you probably haven't. Because, like I said, it was a sleeper. Right now I bet you can get it new for less than 20 bucks, and you'll have more fun with it than anything you can buy for the same amount of money that comes in those little plastic bags that have pictures of aliens, stars or smiley faces on them. Actually, I do dig the ones with the Batman logo.

Here's something funny: Noel and Trigger, my pals who run and own the Continental, a fine rock establishment in New York City, have made me promise not to review their two new live albums, Live at the Continental: Best of NYC -- Volume 1, and Live at the Continental: Best of NYC -- Volume 2, because the distro is not all there yet. Even though both discs have tunes from the late, great Joey Ramone, and acts like Agnostic Front, The Bouncing Souls, Cheetah Chrome, Murphy's Law, Furious George and other fine bands, a promise is a promise. So I'm not saying anything about these great discs until the guys give me the go-ahead.

Speaking of live punk rock music, CBGB put out a live thing on DVD called Punk From the Bowery that is now available everywhere. Even Hot Topic! The disc contains shitty footage but great sounds from bands like Agnostic Front, The Cro-Mags, H20, The Vibrators, Furious George, and other fine bands. It also features a guided tour of America's most important rock club by none other than my pal and The King of Punk Rock himself, Hilly Kristal. On this DVD you can almost smell the piles of dog poop, Stiv Bators' sweat, and my Jovan Musk for Men. And the best part? Some guy on the cover with bleached-blond hair is wearing a leather jacket with U.S. pins on it. What a pussy.

Actually, I was going to use the following space to write about a newly released G.G. Allin disc I just got, but I have a better idea. Why don't some of you guys and gals here in Phoenix send me your CDs, demos, DVDs, naked photos or whatever? I'd really love to review local stuff here, a hell of a lot more than the national stuff. This town has a great music scene, and a great art scene, and I feel it's going to be the next Seattle without the tree huggers. Let 'em try to cuddle with a cactus!

Anyway, write me here at George Tabb, Phoenix New Times, P.O. Box 2510, Phoenix, AZ 85002.

Let's make this part of the paper a part of all of us.

Unless, of course, you'd rather just have me plug and review my own stuff.

Punk Rock and stay furious.

Next week: A Dead Boys reunion tour? A Johnny Ramone statue in Hollywood? Plus, hopefully, your stuff!