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Bullet Train to Moscow CD Release Party

Bullet Train to Moscow is back with a spankin' new self-titled disc, and fans will surely be pleased to have it in their hands. Bullet Train blasts through 14 songs that are everything you'd expect from this local five-piece: fast, fun, and a little funny. Billing itself as an "every core" band, it sounds a lot like the Angry Samoans; "Reach Out" kicks off with organ, then jumps right into vocalist Jared Christy's raspy screaming, speeding punk riffs, and crashing cymbals that demand attention. A couple songs even have a Rancid feel to them, particularly "Not a Damn Bro." And it's very clear that at least one of these guys loves metal. The guitars on "Par Is for Party" are distinctly heavy, with a Slayer feel circa Reign in Blood. Also, if you were ever wondering what the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" would sound like if done by Bane, you're in for a treat with Bullet Train's raucous cover.