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Loudmouths with a strut, the members of U.K. buzz band Kasabian walk the walk on their debut. Finally getting an official American release after import-only for months, Kasabian updates the cock-rock posturing of Oasis with modern club influences. The result is equally drug-addled, but you can dance a lot more easily to these songs. Wisely, the band front-loads its record with the strongest material. "Club Foot," "Processed Beats" and "Reason Is Treason" have an assured sweep, their martial ferocity in keeping with the group's propaganda-style album art. Whether mournful or arrogant, lead singer Tom Meighan displays the sort of charismatic presence that will guarantee him guest spots on Chemical Brothers records for years to come. In fact, the Brothers might be the best comparison for this brand of big-beat hard rock -- paranoid tales like "Butcher Blues" utilize the same sledgehammer-subtle hooks that Dig Your Own Hole patented. Believe Kasabian's hype, you might say.