Unity 06

It's been quite some time since the underground rave scene was thriving and everybody was out all night on the weekends, twisted up in cuddle puddles while bass thumps were rattling their spines. The days of PLUR -- which we think stands for "Peace, Love, Understanding, Respect," but then again all that Ecstasy might've addled our brains -- are nothing but a vague, drug-distorted memory now, but Collective Groove Theory, the promoters behind Unity 06, aim to change that with their series of dance parties at the Icehouse (429 West Jackson Street). This Saturday, March 18, is the next one on tap, with a stellar lineup of local talent like Pete "Supermix" Salaz, Kevin Brown, Inertia, DJ Nth, C.L. McSpadden, and Lego. The event's slogan is "One Stage, One Chill Area, One Vibe," so get your pacifier out of storage and hit it up. Tickets are $15 pre-sale (available only at London West Records), $15 at the door for the first hour of the event, $20 between 10 p.m. and 11:59 p.m., and $25 after midnight. The party continues until 5 a.m.