Ball Busters

Thu 10/7
Naysayers might've dismissed kickball as an elementary sport meant for sports washouts like yourself. But it was your only shot at playground immortality back in the day. Remember how your awesome 6-4-3 double play helped turn the tide in the epic Shirts vs. Skins war? You never worried about bullies again. Relive the glory days as AZ Fire League of the World Adult Kickball Association kicks off its inaugural season on Thursday, October 7, at Papago Park, 1000 North College in Tempe. Five co-ed teams (with names like "Ballz Out" and "Bunts & Giggles") will take to the diamond for up to 10 weeks of five-inning fights, with the eventual division winner moving on to regional competition and a chance at the World Kickball Championship (a.k.a. The President's Cup) in November in Washington, D.C. Forget what you learned in kindergarten, as grade-school-level stratagems like "ghost men," "do-overs" and "bouncies" are forbidden here, as are brewskis. The league is limited to players 21 and over, but alcohol will be saved for post-game celebrations at a local tavern. Any other kind of performance enhancer is okay, says Dan Martinez, league president. "If people want to take steroids to kick the ball farther, then go for it," he jokes. "We're not about to start drug testing or anything." See to register. --Benjamin Leatherman

Road Show

Kiwanis hosts Catch A Wave

Sat 10/9
We're old-school Phoenicians. We went to Legend City and watched Star Wars at drive-ins like the Pioneer in Mesa, long before it became a taco stand. Those outdoor screens in Glendale and Scottsdale aren't just quaint throwbacks; they're monuments to station wagons and smuggled-in Shasta, much like the Kiwanis Catch A Wave and Car Show on Saturday, October 9, from noon until 9 p.m., at the Kiwanis Park Recreation Center, 6111 South All America Way in Tempe. Even if you didn't experience Joe Billie Gwin kidnapping Bill Close, you're welcome to park your auto (classic or otherwise) on the grass in a drive-in-style setting for live entertainment, judged displays from local car clubs, and an after-dark film screening. Admission is free. Call 480-345-9521 or see Benjamin Leatherman