Local Wire

Stalins War

Damn! Did you hear that shit? Sounded like some thunderclap of female rage coming from the direction of Santa Cruz. It's probably just Moana, the lead screamer, er, singer for Stalins War, the punk buzzbombs who blast out a feverish hybrid of hardcore energy and heavy-metal madness, occasionally switching up with some melodic stretches. Topping off the cacophony is the roar of the band's raven-haired lyrical demon (who also serves as merch girl), who possesses a velvety voice that goes from harmonious yearnings to a wrathful sonic boom in seconds flat. Matching this vixen in the volume department, guitarist Matt and bassist Nate provide secondhand screeching in what sounds like a competition to see who can get the loudest. Needless to say, Mo trumps her Y-chromosome bandmates, so anyone looking to hit on her after the show might wanna offer to buy her some Chloraseptic as well as a drink.