New Times DJ Competition

Beat addicts, here's your chance to see the 'Nix's next superstar DJs in their larva stages at our own New Times DJ Competition, Friday, March 11, at Myst (7340 East Shoeman Lane in Scottsdale). The finalists are DJs Matty, Sean Morley, Soloman, Sonique des Fleurs, and Tranzit, and after their Friday-night beat-off at Myst, one of them will be going to Miami for the Winter Music Conference, dance music's biggest global industry gathering. On March 26 at Miami's Bayfront Park, the winner will get to perform on the New Times stage at the Ultra Music Festival, where the crowd is expected to be more than 50,000 people. These five local finalists will also throw down for the "Best Club DJ" title at the April 17 New Times Music Showcase in Tempe -- so consider this Friday's competition an appetizer for these rhythm magicians. You'll be hearing a lot more from them in weeks to come.