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Reindeer Tiger Team

As legions of local music geeks know already, Steven Reker and Eddy Crichton are the real deal. Their band Reindeer Tiger Team is based on a simple premise: Reker sings and plays guitar while Crichton pounds and clicks away on the drums. It's a mix of heartfelt songwriting and post-punk drumbeats that are so damn good, you're shivering before you know how or why. The four songs on their just-released self-titled EP and seven-inch will definitely leave you wanting more. And that Reker can emote such world-weariness is a mystery to anyone who has bumped into him at Stinkweeds or at a show, as there couldn't be a more effervescent guy. But here, he makes even handclaps sound like a cry for lost love. Catch the boys live at Modified this weekend, when they will be playing a benefit for Amnesty International. It might be your last chance for a while, as they are preparing for world domination and going on tour in May.