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Juliette & The Licks

Subject: Quirky Actress Seeks Rockin' Band

Reply to: [email protected]

Hey all you musicians out there! My name is Juliette Lewis. You might remember me as the girl who sucked Robert De Niro's thumb in Cape Fear or the crazy chick who went on a bad-ass rampage with Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers. And yeah, I dated Brad Pitt for a few years, and I used to have a nasty drug habit, but what can I say, I've got Hollywood in the blood. Anyways, I've put all that behind me and now I wanna start a band! But I don't wanna do it Keanu or Billy Bob style. I want people to take me seriously. That's why I teamed up with Linda Perry, that 4 Non Blondes chick who got people to take Pink seriously. A lot of the stuff we've written sounds kinda like Scandal crossed with the Stooges, so if you wanna join up it doesn't matter if you look like a glammy New Waver or a ratty garage punker. I wanna make it a quintet, and don't worry -- I won't call it Juliette Lewis and the Four Others Who Split the Remaining 6% of the Gross. This is gonna be a REAL BAND! Smelly vans, tiny clubs, sexy threads, rock and fuckin' roll! Drop me a line if you're interested.