Planet of the Drums

Your heart won't be the only thing pounding if you're in the middle of the dance floor at Myst on Thursday, June 30. There'll be loud, irresistible beats courtesy of the Planet of the Drums collective: Dara, AK1200, and Dieselboy (with MC Messinian), a trio of turntable messiahs who should traditionally be rivals, as they're three of the most prominent drum 'n' bass DJs in America. They formed their alliance back at the turn of the millennium, and since then have toured annually; now "the original drum 'n' bass champions" (as they call themselves) are dropping in on our scene for the first time. The Planet of the Drums boys will be joined by locals Emile, Nasty Nate, AWOL, Louder, and Excell for this one night of DnB, breaks, and jungle grooves. The event is for ages 18 and up; visit www.eventvibe.com for more information.