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Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare's always recorded a blend of country, folk, pop and singer-songwriter material that kept fans guessing. The Moon Was Blue is no exception, a combination of country and pop classics that give Bare a chance to show off his weary, soulful vocals to great advantage. "Everybody's Talkin'" combines a stuttering percussion loop and pedal steel for a startling arrangement with a dark, swampy, Daniel Lanois feel to it. "Yesterday When I Was Young," a sentimental French tune by Charles Aznavour that laments the passing of youth, seems like an unlikely choice, though. Bare can't hit the high notes and has to talk his way through some of the lyrics, but the technique adds to the song's poignancy. There's not a single happy song here; they all deal with loss, limitation and regret. It's not an easy album to listen to, but Bare's ability to infuse even the darkest lyric with an unspoken belief that love will somehow win out makes the journey bearable.