Lost in Space

Maybe NASA and Michael Jackson should fall to their knees and kiss the feet of collaborative artists Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, whose "Apollo Prophecies Project" has made moonwalking cool again. Kahn/Selesnick's massive "Project" portrays a fantastical world in which astronauts from 1960s and '70s space missions are mistaken for gods by an English expedition that's been stranded on the lunar surface since the '30s. For their new installation at Scottsdale's Lisa Sette Gallery, 4142 North Marshall Way, K/S will bring a teensy (2 x 128 inches) version of their 36-foot-long panorama, which the artists photographed and assembled on sets or on location using live actors and miniature models. The Sette exhibit will also include various sculptural pieces from the "Project" suspended from the ceiling. The exhibit opens Thursday, November 3, and continues through November 26. Viewing is free. Call 480-990-7342. -- Clay McNear

Riboflavin Rave
Hemo global

FRI 11/4
Do you have the post-Halloween, now-I-can't-wear-that-really-gory-costume-I-worked-so-hard-on blues? If you don't want to wait another year to use the rest of those fake blood capsules, you're in for a bloody good surprise at the "Blood Fest" on Friday, November 4. DJ Doctor MD headlines the rave, which is modeled after the "Blood Feast" parties thrown by Michael Alig, the "king of club kids" who turned into a Riker's Island inmate after chopping his roommate into pieces. This "Feast" will feature a "Last Breath" oxygen bar, "Blood Red" drinks, and additional performances by DJs Dr. P23, Dr. Jae, Dr. Sinabyte, and Dr. Gonzo. Attendees are encouraged to dress in light colors to accentuate the blood the DJs will be spewing on the crowd. The location of the crimson event is yet to be disclosed. Intrigued? Call 480-232-2962 on the day of the party to find out where you can open your wounds. -- Rebecca Zumoff

Keep Your Mind's Eye Open
Comp comp

SAT 11/5
Larry Elyea, owner of Mind's Eye Digital Recording Studios, has completed another sonic showpiece. His latest project, an album that Elyea says "gives the listener a good spectrum of what's out there right now locally," will be featured during the Adventures in Audio, Volume 2 compilation CD release party on Saturday, November 5, at Chasers, 8005 East Roosevelt in Scottsdale. High-fidelity rock bands Signs of Betrayal, Greenhaven, and Oh Doctor will perform. Admission is $8, and the first 200 people through the door receive free copies of the CD. The 21-and-over show starts at 9 p.m. Call 480-945-4985. -- Steve Jansen