Local Wire


When taking stock of all the things we don't have in Arizona (seasons; a caring, compassionate sheriff; viable New York pizza; etc.), you can finally scratch off the following item: a Latina trio who sing bilingually and can give Destiny's Child a run for their pesos. 'Cause now we got us Chica, two lovely brunettes and a blonde (so guess who's in the middle of every picture?) with a radio-friendly self-titled debut. If their label's credo of "Powerful Music With a Positive Message" scares some of you more salacious listeners, rest assured that even though the Chica ladies have done Katrina benefits for the Girl Scouts and never reference their booties once, there aren't any do-gooder ballads about saving the world, either. In fact, just like En Vogue, the best songs are kiss-offs, like the grinding "Breathe," and "Stop," the identity-establishing single that crams the most Spanish flavoring into one song, from a flamenco guitar and mariachi horns to an "uno, dos, tres" breakdown. (www.chicamusiconline.com)