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She Wants Revenge

The self-titled debut album from She Wants Revenge isn't due out 'til the end of January, but Halloween would've been a better time to drop music this dark. With lascivious lyrics about damaged relationships ("These Things") and moonlit sadomasochism ("Monologue"), Justin Warfield sings in a brittle monotone that could freeze Interpol's Paul Banks out of the running for best Ian Curtis impersonation. While Warfield's gloomy guitar riffs add echoey atmosphere ("Red Flags and Long Nights"), Adam 12 pulls his ominous bass lines and Depeche Mode-style synth throb straight out of an '80s time capsule ("Out of Control"). These guys clearly aren't trying to hide their influences -- you'll hear some Sisters of Mercy in the evil grooves of "Sister" even before you notice the title -- but tracks like the vicious, deliriously danceable "Tear You Apart" actually make Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" sound tender in comparison. If this doesn't make the goths smile, nothing will.