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Tub Ring

So, Tub Ring is playing the PHiX. "Who the hell is Tub Ring," you ask? Only Chicago's premier experimental rawk practitioners, a band that tastefully merges the off-the-wall crush of Tomahawk with the pop appeal of Only a Lad-era Oingo Boingo. Tub Ring has also toured relentlessly with acts like Mindless Self Indulgence, Slymenstra Hymen of GWAR's Girl Freak Show, and Wesley Willis, averaging more than 200 shows a year. Tub Ring's latest offering, Zoo Hypothesis, pummels with cinderblock-heavy bass lines and pop-rock explosive guitar hooks, all of which are underpinned by serious melody. The band even has keyboard intros more dramatic than Europe's "The Final Countdown." We've heard Tub Ring's bass player Trevor Erb is a killer cook to boot, so take the guys out after the show and try to get his secret lasagna recipe out of him with a few stiff drinks.