DJ AM has built his reputation on being the DJ for anything celeb-related, so we suppose it's appropriate that he's the featured act at this Thursday's Axis Hollywood. Yeah, you read that right -- Axis Hollywood is what the promoters are calling Thursdays at Axis in Scottsdale (7340 East Indian Plaza). The impresarios behind it are bringing in guests who aren't exactly A-list talent, but celebutards nonetheless, for their "star-studded night," including Steve-O from Jackass on the 22nd and the cast of Entourage (with DJ Homicide of Sugar Ray) on the 29th, to try to sucker you into attending. The good news is that DJ AM can actually rock a party hard, hence his popularity. So it'll be worth dragging your undiscovered ass down to Axis on June 15 to watch Adam Goldstein drop needles on the wax. Despite his breakup with a certain Simple Life toothpick, maybe there'll be some local celebs in attendance, too -- Rick Schroder, maybe?