Club Candids

Roadhouse Blues

After two holiday weekends in a row and the final shake-off of family obligations (phew!), we wanted nothing more than to return to normal life and normal drinking habits. This week, Club Candids skipped on anything super sizzling and flopped into homey Scottsdale punk bar TT Roadhouse on Saturday, January 6, for a shit-talking night of free-flowing beer and lots of chain smoking.

The feisty folks are older than 25, not over punk rock, and probably think the kids at The Rogue look like babies in a playground. The jukebox coughed up a perfect spread of punk greats like The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, and Buzzcocks to keep the crew from getting too surly. Still, games of pool and darts elicited screams of "Fuck you, motherfucker!" throughout the evening. The boozed-up banter built all night until it climaxed with some chick whipping out her ginormous breasts in what seemed to be an attempt to prove some sort of point to a guy across the bar.

All in all, TT Roadhouse proved to be the perfect place to drink, smoke and insult friends.