Club Candids

Bring on the Vagina

This week, we decided it was high time to turn our attention to the local labia-lovin' ladies, so we hit up e-lounge on Saturday, March 10, where it was packed with smokin'-hot mamas looking to drink, dance, and fondle each other in the corners. Not only were there plenty of single chicks to choose from, but we saw lots of couples keeping things spicy by grinding on the dance floor to the hip-hop beats. And while e-lounge is known as a popular lesbian bar, there were also a number of dudes taking a break from the typical Saturday night hetero meat market.

The night started slow, but by 11 p.m., there was a sea of spiky, gelled hair and sleeveless tee shirts. Everyone was in good spirits, and people were more than happy to cuddle up with their companions for some supercute shots, making for one of our smiliest photo galleries ever.