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There must have been something up with the moon last week, because once Thursday rolled around, we started to get super-antsy. No casual neighborhood bar would sate our desires because we were in the mood for vibrating eardrums and dizzying crowds. We wanted it all for our preemptive weekend celebration kickoff. And we certainly found it in Mesa at the Blunt Club, Hollywood Alley's weekly hip-hop night. (Click here for more photos.)

The place was overflowing with kids from all over town, and we were pumped because everyone was down to get their picture taken. The music beats and rhymes flowed from the stage as people bobbed and bounced their bodies to the rhythm. A couple dudes busted out some sweat while breakin' to spice up the dance floor, and there were plenty of booths for those shy, non-dancing types. With cheap drinks, a rowdy crowd and killer sound, we were so satisfied with the party, we didn't even go out on Friday.