Jen Lasher and DJ Icey

There's plenty to love about female DJ Jen Lasher. The saucy 24-year-old spinstress siren and fashion plate is not only easy on the eyes, she's also a classically trained pianist, a gifted singer-songwriter, a fan of the metaphysical realm, and a topnotch turntablist. For the past few years, she's been serving up a groovy concoction of industrial, gothic, electro, and New Wave at such Washington, D.C., nightspots as Envy, and she's currently experimenting with more of a breakbeat sound mixed with house. Lasher will even occasionally sing during her sets, with an angelic voice adding something extra to the raucous rhythms she lays down. The pink-haired Lasher has also collaborated with superstar DJs like Florida's "Bass Queen" Baby Anne and Orlando's breakbeat king DJ Icey. The latter will join Lasher at a special appearance at Myst, 7340 East Shoeman Lane in Scottsdale, on Friday, August 4, for House 7340. Myst regulars MCB, Vance Rodgers, and Tim Heit will also spin. Doors open at 9 p.m. with a $10 cover.