Local Wire

Authority Zero

It's probably fair to say that every rock band secretly pines for a breakout record, and local dub-punks Authority Zero are no exception. AZ has just finished its self-titled third LP (due out in October), an album guitarist Bill Marcks says will be to its last record, Andiamo, what AFI's hit record Sing the Sorrow was to The Art of Drowning. Marcks credits the musical coming of age to the synergy of the band and a much-needed break from the bottle — that and the expectation of kids. "I've been sober for six months now," Marcks says. "My wife and I are expecting a son in January, so it's just time to get serious. We've just matured as a band and in our approach to life." The new album is more melodic and straight-ahead AZ — think less Sublime, more Rise Against — and the band plans to play at least five songs off the new album at this week's show.