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Listening to tracks off Sugarcult's new album, Lights Out (V2), you would never know this is the same group of four men that annoyed MTV viewers senseless with its Van Wilder-tie-in video for "Bouncing Off the Walls" a few years back. Two albums — and one giant tour with Green Day — later, the California foursome has refined its sound, effectively maturing to a rock band that uses "pop" only sparingly. Lights Out is still remarkably catchy, with infectious guitar riffs and singer Tim Pagnotta's eager yelps, but unlike the band's debut, it is accessible to those beyond the age of 16. Sugarcult hasn't forgotten its roots, though; the group's set list is sure to be a mash-up of old and new, and it's certain Pagnotta's sense of humor hasn't faded with age. After all, this is still the band whose members dressed up like women at a Halloween show two years ago.