Kandieland III

Remember Candy Land? You know, that ultra-vibrant and ultra-enjoyable confection-laced board game that dominated your childhood and sent you on a jubilant journey traipsing through such realms as the Peppermint Stick Forest or the Molasses Swamp? This weekend's Kandieland III rave on Saturday, November 4, at the Starlight Room, 16731 East Parkview Avenue in Fountain Hills, will be just as colorful, chock-full of club kid characters who're just as kooky as Princess Lolly or Lord Licorice. Besides downing plenty of the usual ultra-sugary candy on sale at such raves, they'll shimmy and shake to the various flavors of hardcore laid down by U.K. DJs Brisk, Re-Con, and The Doctor, as well as San Francisco's Kid Orange, and locals Starr, Sixxx, Pac D, Mayhem, Skye, and others. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission costs $20 pre-sale, and $25 the night of the event. Call 877-728-3602 or see www.cheddarcore.com.