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A Few Random Drunks

"All music shows are better with booze," according to Josh Preston, lead vocalist and guitarist of local band A Few Random Drunks. True to its name, the group formed out of "four men who accidentally stumbled into each other" over brewskis, and their shows are all about bonding over beer and acoustic ballads. Preston, along with bassist Parker Hall-Hitchie, lead guitarist Cliff C. Hockersmith, and keyboardist/harp player Franko Ditty Danko, crafts cocky, country-fried whiskey ditties with a touch of twang, or, as AFRD likes to say, "Humble drunken party rock." Signed to local label Ether Bunny Records, the band hasn't released a full-length album yet, but has some demos up on its MySpace page. The demos don't do the band justice, though — these types of tunes sound better in smoky bars than in recording studios.