Local Wire

The Trucks

Here's a group of girls who look like they're dressed for a slutty, gender-bending slumber party, singing a song called "Titties" that asks a question like, "What makes you think we can fuck, just because you put your tongue in my mouth and twisted my titties, baby?" But The Trucks aren't being gratuitously smutty, just painfully honest, telling the bumbling boys "You need some lessons on how to get me off" by the end of the catchy electro-pop song. The band's mix of sizzling synths and infectious dance beats provides a solid sonic backdrop for lead singer Kristin Allen-Zito's preteen-on-tranquilizers voice skipping through blunt and funny lyrics like "All the people are dead, but I'm gonna keep dancing" ("Zombie") and "Why the fuck won't you go down on me?" ("Why The?"). The Trucks move through several musical styles here, from knee-bending, head-bopping rhythms ("3 A.M.") to ear-effacing experimental screamers ("Man Voice") to elbow-cracking synth-slams ("Big Afros"). They even made a ballad called "Comeback," where a woman plots to kill her lover, and feels compelled to explain her methods: "I use my hands because I like it/Guns aren't bad, they're just not quiet."