Mary X-Mas

Holy holiday hangover! All that extra Christmastime candy, booze, and other sweet treats are gonna head straight for your soon-to-be-gigantic arse, so better get yourself to the trendy über-gym double quick. Or better yet, sweat off those pounds-to-come with a few hours of grinding, thrashing, and dancing at an upcoming rave, namely Mary X-Mas. If you can't find the time with all the shopping and partying, fear not — there are three separate shindigs spread across the holiday weekend. The pre-party goes down on Friday, December 22, featuring L.A.'s DJ Thee-O spinning house and progressive, drum 'n' bass master Big Daddy DFT, and others. The main event occurs the following evening on Saturday, December 23, with San Francisco trance DJ Dyloot sharing the bill with a slew of spinsters, including Matthew Harris, Sixxx, Harmonious, Disfunktion, Cik, and Pac-D. Then to wrap it all up, there's "Mary X-Mas, Again!" with a secret surprise headliner, as well as local support from DJs Citrik, Nappe, Matt Dunn, Projekt 23, L3GO, Synabyte, and a list of other turntablists that's longer than Saint Nick's gift list. Admission is $5 for the pre-party, $15 for the other events. Call 480-232-2962 for locations and start times.