Club Candids

Burn Out

Club Candids has been showing a lot of love to the straight folks lately, so we decided to hit up Burn Nightclub to get a good dose of gay on Saturday, February 3. The light-rail construction didn't stop the beautiful boys who gladly pranced through dirt piles to get their groove on at this downtown dance dig.

Inside, shirtless and freshly waxed torsos were abundant, and the platforms held not tired bikini-girl dancers in Ugg boots but, rather, muscled men moving to the music in their manties. With a sizeable dance floor and huge bar, the boys were sufficiently buzzed, brazenly shaking their booties to the beats until last call. Across from the bar, Burn provided the perfect nooks for naughtiness, with bed-like booths lining the wall, complete with animal-print fabric and sheer curtains for a little privacy. The whole scene was so freaking fabulous, it's no wonder the place was packed with P-town's prettiest.